We increase profits. Others play with pixels.

We are SpencerZill, a team of creative professionals aimed at designing world class visuals to tell stories with an African edge. Part of our job is to find surprising and playful ways to tell a story, by using data for informed design decisions, implementing design solutions for brand/product growth, and applying design principles for increased engagement.


Story & Design

Full branding

Arts & creative direction

Products design & packaging

High end rendering

Research & look development

Problem driven design solutions

CGI & Film

3D & 2D illustration

Story boards & treatments


Advert promos & trailers

Short film

Live-action production

Post production & VFX

Motion Design & Animation

3D & 2D animation

CGI stop motion

Technical managment

TV branding

Motion broadcast design

Explainer videos title design

Logo idents

Short animation film

Who we are

We are Creative Problem Solvers with an excellent eye for details, focused on bringing novelty into the world of design & production, on a mission to make what is digital more human, challenge African stories towards global aesthetic while leveraging on cultures and lifestyles from around the world, we design for the future. This idea remains our highest aspiration; The guiding force behind each research conducted, pixel moved, and line of code written.

Our Story

What started as a side-gig,through the years turned into a fully remote digital company. Being fearless defines who we are, how we think and how we work. Being fearless means being passionate about making a difference, fearlessly seeking the future and not just waiting for it to arrive, it’s one of the things that’s driven us to think beyond. We’ve been privileged to work with startups, SME's, corporations, and fortune 500 companies all over the world, with a specialty in motion design, CG, branding & visual effects.

Outside of our client work, we enjoy giving back to the community through Acts of Random Kindness projects, and helping creators showcase their work, celebrate and inspire the future Motion design generation with Gomotion, a motion design community to empower African motion designers.

Our Values

Relationships are our gold standard. We want to work with awesome people, because for us, success is measured by positive experiences, not the bottom line. As such, we strive to surround ourselves with both smart and passionate people, those who will grow our minds, hearts and not just our wallets.

Learning through doing

We approach every problem with an open mind, and sometimes finding the best solutions means taking the road less travelled. We're not afraid to experiment, to try new things or make mistakes along the way. Learning through doing keeps us sharp.

Listen smart

We take an open-door approach to communication, with both our clients and each other. Everyone’s feedback is valuable, and we’re never too busy to hear it. Listening smart is not just hearing, it's taking the time to truly understand, without ego, and be willing and ready to adapt.

Challenge core assumptions

This idea remains the starting point for everything we do. We unlock new solutions by challenging both our clients and our own assumptions about a product, an audience, and what is possible. This idea was born out of the very foundation of Spencerzill. Many thought us incapable of running a successful advertising company but we challenge that speculation everyday.

Our Approach

We shape brands through a process of exploration and investigation. We design to simplify we create to solve, fostering a human-centric ideology to achieve lasting solutions backed by modern technologies while exploreing unique motion design techniques. We build solutions that improve functionality, stay reliable, and evolve with time. Like the world around us and the businesses we work with, our design and production practice is always striving to improve.

Selected Clients

since 2012, we've partnered with more
than 200 brands

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